When it comes to headwear, caps never really went out of fashion, but they’re definitely having a renewed moment – and we don’t think that’s changing any time soon. It’s a casual way to block out the sun, hide a bad hair day or look effortlessly cool, and there are heaps of fun versions out there. Here’s what we’re wearing this summer.

Make a fun statement
Sydney-based workwear label Worktones is good at capturing the Zeitgeist (remember last year’s Mortadella cap, and the witty Skin Contact one?). And with what’s shaping up to be a big summer outdoors, it has launched its al fresco cap.

Every so often P Johnson – better known for stylish custom suiting – drops new designs for dad caps. They sell out fast, so signing up to the newsletter is your best bet at nabbing one.

Ditch the friendship bracelets and get matching best mate caps from Best Jumpers (or get one just for yourself). There’s also a cute lilac hat from Sister Studios channelling mystic energy, one by Summi Summi that lets everyone know you’re good, thanks and some very Australian statement caps by Skwosh (we like She’ll Be Right and You Beauty – restocking soon).

If you love splashing around in Sydney’s beaches, bays and ocean pools, you’ll be into Oh Blossom’s Grassy Knoll, Bronte Pool and Gordons Bay caps.

And Melbourne’s Blindside Gallery still has a few artist-designed caps by Stanislava Pinchuk and Sanja Pahoki available from its fundraiser.

Hungry for headgear
Sometimes eating good food isn’t enough – you want to wear it, too. (If Worktones’s Mortadella cap was still in stock, it would definitely be in this category.) Pasta Mama has options for the fettuccine fans and linguini lovers: its fun caps spell out “this too shall pasta” and “feelin saucy”, and one simply says “spaghetti”.

Florist Hattie Molloy has also introduced caps inspired by nature and vegetables – there’s a bright orange pumpkin cap and a more subdued mushroom number. And for the Vegemite kids at heart, the iconic Aussie spread has released its own corduroy cap in three colours.

Say it with flowers
Fun florals are a recurring trend in caps, but these three brands all do them differently. Suit tailor E Nolan has a number of designs that use busy florals from London print label Liberty, including this one in pretty pastel pink. Melbourne-based fashion label Ocray44 makes caps with bigger, bolder floral shapes – the designs are all hand-bleached so no two are the same. And Camp Cove Swim keeps things simple with a smiling embroidered daisy on a plain mint green base.

For a cause
These caps aren’t just good accessories – they help make a difference. Melbourne-based organisation Homie supports young people experiencing homelessness, and 100 per cent of profits from the monogrammed dad cap goes towards its many programs. The empty flag cap from Aboriginal social enterprise label Clothing the Gaps is a good conversation starter around the “free the flag” campaign. Hat label Will & Bear also has a cap reminding us all to make Earth green again – and it’s also practising what it preaches, using recycled hemp and organic cotton with all profits donated to eco-minded charities.

Wear your brand love
Simple is best sometimes, and we love a good minimalist cap with just a brand’s logo. Holiday the Label does it in fun colours like pink, and [Double Rainbouu] lives up to its name with each letter in a different bright colour. Zulu & Zephyr takes a more minimal approach with the coconut canvas cap with denim text, while Everyday Studios goes the opposite direction with its white smiling logo on cobalt blue. And for Adelaide label Good Luck Club, there are three colours to choose from.

Sometimes the items Broadsheet editors select sell out quickly – but they may be restocked. If you miss out on something you’ve seen here, we recommend checking in with stockists again in a few weeks.