Sydney-based sleepwear label Papinelle is a Broadsheet favourite for feminine styles, soft pastels and pretty florals, while New Zealand designer Karen Walker has a keen eye for classy, eye-catching prints. It’s a partnership made in heaven, and the two brands have come together a third time to collaborate.

The new collection is called Botanicals for the Dreamers, and it looks exactly as it sounds: dreamy floral prints in soft hues, pretty cuts and luxe fabrics.

“We wanted to dig deep into the Karen Walker print archives and found the most beautiful ’70s-inspired Garden Floral that we created into modern sleepwear, as our ode to times gone by,” Papinelle CEO Renae James says in a statement.

The print features warm-toned botanics – leaves, branches, fully bloomed flowers and smaller buds – on a rosy pink background. It’s been printed on cotton for sleep shorts, cropped pyjamas, a nightie (that doubles as a sundress) and a robe.

Another print from Walker’s design archives that made its way into the collection is called Love Letter, a greener design with detailed foliage and delicate spring flowers. These pieces are more luxe, with pure silk full pyjamas and a delicate-looking nightie where the background is white so the design pops out, plus a cotton-silk hybrid base with a pale-pink base that comes in pyjamas, a robe and a flutter panel dress that wouldn’t look amiss at a summer garden party.

“Our pyjamas are just as good for stepping out as they are for staying in. Sure, they look and feel sensational on the couch or under the duvet, but they’re just as knock-out styled with Levi’s and Birkenstocks and taken to the street,” Walker says in the statement. “Sleepwear as daywear continues to be our thing.”

Botanicals for Dreamers prices start at $89. The collection is available online.

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