What is it about ’60s fashion that has made it so enduring? For stylist Freddie Fredericks the answer is simple. “It’s the nature of the colour,” she says, listing the bold prints, the mod colour blocking, and the distinct palette that calls out to us. “I think that’s why we always go back to it.”

Beyond the aesthetics, though, Fredericks points out how the ’60s marked a big shift in the way women in particular expressed themselves through their clothing. “Hemlines went up, everything started getting fitted, bikinis shrunk – everything changed,” she says. “You could finally start to see the female form – you could kind of see it in the ’50s and ’40s, but you didn’t see legs, you didn’t see arms. Everything was covered.” That’s part of why, to Fredericks, the ’60s and summer go so well together, and why its looks are still loved today.

Inspired by Edgar Wright’s new time-bending film Last Night in Soho, which is set in 1960s London, we learn how to weave a little bit of ’60s brightness into your everyday wardrobe.

Pick the look that works for you
The ’60s were basically bursting with signature looks: shift dresses, miniskirts, distinct eye make-up, bold prints and colour blocking are all part of the bigger picture. There are a few different ways to work a hint of the era into your look, and it starts by figuring out exactly what appeals to you. It could be the cut of a dress, the swirl of a psychedelic print, or the playfulness of accessories. Then, you can put your own twist on things. “Eye make-up was a huge trend for the ’60s,” says Fredericks. So, bright eye shadow, thick mascara, winged eyeliner – even false lashes if you’re feeling adventurous – added to a modern outfit can offer a nod to the past.

For clothes, dresses with a clear ’60s silhouette in a modern print or paired with simple accessories can be a good way to go. Or, you can dress up a favourite outfit – tie a scarf around your neck, wear boots with a summer dress or go big when it comes to jewellery. “I think some really fun-coloured hoops are a great accessory.”

Mix modern and vintage
There are brands now putting out clothes that are definitely a nod to the ’60s while also being modern. “You’ve got brands like Marshall Columbia who’ve gone really bright,” says Fredericks. “It’s not just pure ’60s … but it’s really quite psychedelic in some of their prints, which is fun. You could always go for something bright and bold and then pare it back with tailored pants or jeans.” But you can’t go past the genuine article. “I definitely think it’s important to still actually source vintage pieces,” she adds. It’s not just about authenticity, though – it’s about the joy of the search, about finding something unique. “Vintage shopping is such an enjoyable experience.” After that, it’s just a matter of mixing and matching.

In particular, Fredericks says to look out for boots and sunglasses, whether they’re vintage or modern re-imaginings. “I know we’re going into summer, but boots are really important in the [’60s] wardrobe.” With sunglasses, there are a lot to choose from, but she suggests “the more circular, thicker plastic frames – I think they’re important to include”.

Navigate the line between homage and costume
Unless you are going to a ’60s-themed party, “when you’re going to add something ’60s into your wardrobe today, you need to pare it back with a staple wardrobe piece”, says Fredericks. If you’ve found the perfect vintage shift dress, a beautiful headscarf, bold sunglasses and tall boots – great! Just don’t wear them together, otherwise it’s going to look like you’re in costume. “It’s definitely one bit at a time. You can’t go head to toe in a ’60s look, so just get one piece that you really love and incorporate it,” she explains. For example, “if you’re going to wear a little block-palette top, pare it back with jeans and a chunky sandal, and modernise that with your accessories”.

Last Night in Soho is in Cinemas from November 18

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