In our “Great Wine, Basic Snack” series, we put Broadsheet Wine curators on the case to find the ultimate food and wine match.

This month, Maha’s Shane Delia is shaking things up with a controversial pairing. The Melbourne chef and restaurateur has included a rare Chilean cider in his Broadsheet Wine box, and has chosen it for this challenge. Bone dry and aromatic with savoury hints, it’s best served in a wine glass and with a salty snack. And his snack is most definitely salty, as well as smooth and creamy – “it takes it to a whole other level”.

“This mix is about as traditional as putting a cider in a wine box,” says Delia. “But believe me, it works.”

Try this pairing for yourself with Delia’s limited edition box, containing the cider and five of Delia’s favourite dinner party wines. It’s available until June 5.

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