In 2019, Sarah and Liam Atkinson rebooted the former Circa space in Mount Lawley into Le Rebelle, a new-school bistro celebrating their love of classic dining and wining. Perth responded emphatically, making the restaurant a go-to for special occasion and big night out celebrations. Two years on and the husband-and-wife duo is turning its attention to another pocket of Beaufort Street for venue number two: Bar Rogue, a casual 75-person wine bar. And while Le Rebelle channelled all things French, the Atkinsons’ sophomore effort is a little more freestyle.

“Bar Rogue is going rogue,” says Sarah. “It can do whatever it wants.”

Since August, the Atkinsons have steadily transformed the former Mykonos and Jungle Noir space on Beaufort Street into their vision of a contemporary watering hole. Liam describes the look of the white-washed, two-tiered space as a mix of speakeasy and modern Milan slash Sydney slash Melbourne. The brick is exposed. The flooring is a mix of timber and concrete. A basket chandelier hangs overhead. The furnishings in the front area are pitched at couples, while larger tables upstairs can accommodate bigger groups.

“Although we want Bar Rogue to be a bar of stature that matches other bars around the world, fundamentally, it’s just somewhere for people to come and hang out,” says Liam. “It’s no booking and people won’t have to rush. Just come in and enjoy the space and treat it how you would like to treat it.”

In addition to the far-reaching wine offering that goes beyond the Gallic accent of Le Rebelle’s list (Sarah: “I want to focus on a lot of local WA producers and wines that I love but didn’t suit the vibe at Le Rebelle”), good cocktails will be another focus with Dean Buchanan of Haiver Spirits and emerging bartending talent Sam Cocks and overseeing the spirit side of things. Asha Flintoft, formerly of Yarri and Vasse Felix in Margaret River will be a key part of the front-of-house team.

Food, naturally, will be another area of focus with Liam and head chef Sofika Boulton (ex-Wildflower) in charge of the menu “of no fixed address”. Among the things that guests can expect to find on the carte of a dozen(ish) dishes: finger sandwiches with cucumber and chicken skin, cold fried chicken with caviar and fromage blanc, sweet and sour short ribs, chawanmushi with abalone and mushroom, and sticky date pudding reincarnated in waffle form.

Bar Rogue is slated to open at 515 Beaufort Street, Highgate in early December and will trade Thursday to Sunday. Monday trading will begin in the new year.