There are a lot of issues at stake tomorrow when NSW votes for its state election: lockout laws, climate change and maybe even disco balls have all been up for discussion in the lead up. Poll numbers are tight and it’s not clear who will be in government come Sunday morning (hung parliament, anyone). But one thing’s for sure: we’ll be tucking into democracy sausages like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ll be consulting the Democracy Sausage website to figure out where to go not only to vote, but also to find the best snacks before and/or after we cast our ballots. The website has logged hundreds of democracy sausage sizzles across the state and has details on what each offers and where the money raised will be going.

Erskineville Public School in the inner west, for example, will be cooking up haloumi and egg rolls with baby spinach and tomato chutney; chicken souvlaki and roast vegetable; haloumi wraps with tzatziki and salad; and homemade lemonade. All money raised will go to refurbishing the school’s playground.

Woollahra Public School will offer veggie options, Birchgrove Public School will have cakes and Campos coffee, and Gardeners Road Public School in Rosebery will be selling cold-pressed juice, ice-cream, healthy snacks and will even have a pamper station.

The Democracy Sausage site was launched in WA in 2013 and has since become a go-to for federal, state and local government elections across Australia. Those behind it have also become as close to sausage experts as you can probably get.

“A good democracy sausage is hot and fresh, with ample sauce and eaten after voting to respect the integrity of the ballot paper (i.e. no spillage),” Kimberley, head of Democracy Sausage public relations told Broadsheet. “In the early days we saw most stalls were just offering your humble sausage in a piece of bread, and maybe some cupcakes. These days many stalls are offering coffee, bacon and egg burgers, craft stalls, children’s activities, and much more.

“We’ve also seen the rise of Instagram since we started the site in 2013 and really enjoy seeing the quirky posts. The best one we’ve seen is a ballot-paper-inspired democracy sausage menu.”

Kimberley says the most interesting take on eating a sausage sanga was when, in 2016, Bill Shorten hoed into one from the side back. She says, though, that no matter who people vote for the democracy sausage is a great connector.

“Though there is certainly some correlation with demographics – posh Wiltshire sausages in Liberal-held seats, vegan soy sausage offerings in Green-voting electorates – one thing we like about democracy sausage is its bipartisan approval,” she says. “When we went on a road-trip tour of polling places for the Canning [WA] by-election, our democracy sausage shirts were appreciated by Labor, Liberal and Greens alike.

“We’ve seen crocodile sausages in the NT and cheese sausages in Tassie. For us, what makes the best democracy sausage is the cause it's supporting. From resurfacing the local primary school basketball courts to supporting blind running clubs, these stalls raise money for some wonderful community causes.”

To keep sausage fans apprised of the best sizzles on election day, Democracy Sausage will be updating its Facebook page throughout the day with the best offering it’s found.

The NSW state election is on Saturday March 23.