States and Senses at Kudos Gallery

Tue 30th April, 2019 – Sat 18th May, 2019
Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St, Paddington NSW 2021
Five female artists explore hidden emotions via visceral performances.

A new exhibition dealing with the murky landscape of emotional states that are typically suppressed – grief, rage, loss and fear – is showing at Kudos Gallery.

States and Senses explores territory that, despite being part of a shared human experience, remains taboo. Framed by female perspectives of vulnerability, the artists use their bodies as subjects to engage in conversations around challenging social attitudes and interpersonal experiences.

The exhibition features new work by critically acclaimed US artist Janet Passehl and Sydney-based artists Sylvia Griffin, Brooke Leigh, Markela Panegyres and Cecilia White.

More information here.