If there was ever a time we needed to celebrate for the sake of celebrating, it’s right now. But celebrating as we know it isn’t allowed. We can’t have parties, we can’t go out, we don’t even feel like getting out of our trackpants. What we can do is get dessert delivered. Whether you’re in the mood for a decadent high tea, DIY cannoli kits, pretty pavlovas, or a doughnut decorated with the words, “Fu@k Covid”, we’ve got a dessert delivery for every day of the week, no matter if you’re celebrating a special occasion or just rewarding yourself for getting through another day in lockdown.

La Pav pavlovas
Johann Vanier is extremely particular about his pavlovas. Finding the traditional pav too sugary and floppy, the French-born and trained pâtissier has adjusted the balance of meringue, cream and fruit to refine the Australian classic. With flavours such as chai tea and blood orange, and a vegan chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut number, the pavlovas are exquisite, with the perfect balance of textures. Delivery is to the northern beaches, forest district, lower north shore, North Sydney and the CBD, plus selected suburbs in the upper north shore, north-west Sydney, the inner west and eastern suburbs.


Babycheeks Beignets
Sometimes the simplest things are the most delicious. Take beignets: fried slices of dough dusted with icing sugar. The proof is in their popularity. In the four weeks since Babycheeks Beignets has opened, it’s gone from selling 20 boxes to selling out more than 250 boxes in three minutes. The New Orleans-style pastry is not too sweet and satisfyingly chewy, like a combination of a regular doughnut and youtiao (Chinese fried dough sticks). To order, keep an eye on Instagram on Mondays and Tuesdays for a post announcing the next drop. Beignets are delivered on Saturday and sometimes Sunday, depending on demand.


Black Star Pastry cakes
For years, the queues for Newtown patisserie Black Star Pastry’s watermelon cake snaked out the door and down the street. We’re avoiding queues right now, but we can order that famous cake (and many other Black Star creations) online. Order by 3pm and the chocolatey Japanese forest cake, the bright, citrus-laced yuzu chiffon cake, the vegan chocolate popcorn cake or that strawberry-watermelon cake will be delivered to your door the next day.


Dr Dough Donuts
When it comes to doughnuts, Kristy Bannister from Dr Dough has seen it all – including those brave people who order an “I quit” doughnut to present to their soon-to-be-ex boss. Dr Dough’s delivery truck rolls around Sydney seven days a week, so if you’ve got a craving for doughnuts sprinkled with Nerds or smashed Tim Tams, or a classic pink-with-sprinkles Homer Simpson-style doughnut, order by 1pm and you’ll get same-day delivery. There’s something for everyone, including a “Fu@k Covid” doughnut that is (unsurprisingly) all the rage these days.


Sheraton Grand high tea
High tea might not be a regular activity even under normal circumstances, but if you’re looking for a way to celebrate in lockdown, it’s perfect. Sheraton Grand is packing up and delivering its famous high tea so you can enjoy a tasty collection of savoury and sweet treats at home. There’s a Moreton Bay bug and caramelised leek quiche; finger sandwiches of pickled beets, chives and cream cheese on charcoal bread; and beautiful confections including pretty purple coconut-cream pillows with matcha, mango and yuzu slice, and scones with jam and cream (or cream and jam, depending on your inclination).


Cannoleria DIY cannoli kits
Lockdown has made sourdough bakers out of many of us, but now we’re ready for the next challenge: cannoli. Melbourne’s Cannoleria makes DIY-ing these crunchy, ricotta-cream-filled treats easy. It provides the shell, you mix up the filling and pipe your own cannoli. The secret to perfectly piped cream? Squeeze the piping bag with your whole palm, not just the tips of your fingers, and use an in-and-out motion to create three waves. Not to worry if you don’t have the knack – even an ugly cannoli tastes delicious.


Stacy Brewer Cakes
Stacy Brewer worked with cake master Andy Bowdy before opening her own operation making wedding cakes – some with a circumference of a metre – from her Bondi kitchen. Given the wedding and party business has dried up, Brewer has started making smaller cakes for people to give as gifts, or to eat themselves. The retro-style pastel-iced buttercream cakes say the things we’re all feeling – for example, “Covid Sucks” and “Fuck Covid”. stacybrewercakes.com