One of Sydney's smallest suburbs has a strong collection of excellent bars. While Newtown, the neighbouring suburb that shares Enmore's postcode, has newly gentrified pubs, the small Enmore bar scene is entirely like its neighbourhood: eclectic, full of personality and fun. The grub is good, the wines are funky and the atmosphere is loud. Live music lives on and so does the late-night scene.

There aren't too many to choose from, but these are Enmore's best bars.

Wish Bone

From the Ashes of the Gretz comes a half-bar half-restaurant from Hartsyard’s original founder and chef, Gregory Llewellyn. The speciality is Southern fried chicken and everything you want to eat with it, such as pickles, mac'n’cheese and real onion rings. Half the seats are bar stools and the bar serves Southern-style hard ice tea, bourbon slushies, spritzes on tap and US tinnies.

125 Enmore Road, Enmore


A David Lynch and tiki-themed cocktail and natural-wine bar. That description could cause a mass outbreak of cringing but Jacoby’s is exciting and genuinely great. The bar is not just one of the best in Enmore but in all of Sydney. Part of that is down to how eccentric and weirdly honest the theme is, but also the progressive menu of minimal-intervention wines and theatrical cocktails. It also has Jamaica’s Red Stripe on tap, late-night toasties and the occasional guest chef on the weekend.

154 Enmore Road, Enmore

Sly Fox

Once a gay bar and now a sort-of-gay-bar crossed with a live music venue. Gigs are loud, genre-varied and occasionally comedic rather than musical. The bar imported London’s Brick Lane Beigel Bake, so waffle fries and salted-beef bagels are available late. Good time from 6pm to 6am.

199 Enmore Road, Enmore